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What are Container Homes

Container homes are derived from recycled shipping containers usually used for cargo or storage. They are prefabricated from their original shape and joined together to construct new homes – hence the name Container Homes.

While it’s introduction to residential living is fairly new, container homes have been in use for a while, as temporary accommodation facilities where urgent housing is required, like construction sites or natural disaster relief centers for example.

In addition to their portability, the quick, and cost-effective setup has made Shipping Containers the ideal solution for temporary projects, owing to their sturdiness, durability and security they provide. Over time, they started making appearances in residential areas, for the exact same reasons.

Shipping Container Homes
navy blue Shipping container

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shipping Container into a Home?

Obviously, the cost of a Container Home will vary depending on the number of container  you decide to use, and for comparison, you should expect a standard family home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms built with shipping containers to cost an average of about $175,000.

A lower end of $125,000 and a higher end of $300,000 upwards if you add more features.

Opting for smaller, apartment-like units, with little conversion work, can be obtained for as little as $20,000. The figures vary because Container Homes come in different sizes that can be customized to smaller or bigger versions of the same home type. 

Customization is a major advantage container homes have over traditional types, because you can build in increments over time, by adding, removing or modifying individual units, as you can afford them.

Container Homes Size and Dimension

Family home from hipping container

Cost Analysis for Shipping Containers

The cost of a singular Shipping Container depends on the size you need to complete your home, and the measurements are below;


10 Ft Container cost $2000 – $3000

20 Ft Container cost $3000 – $5000

40 Ft Container costs $4000 – $7000


Standard width for most containers is 8 Ft​


Shortest container height –  7 Ft 6’​

Tallest container heights  – 9 Ft 6’ (High Cube)

All 3 sizes will generally have similar height and width, with small variances and customization, like the High Cube containers for example, which is preferred for building container homes, due to the extra foot in ceiling height.


Measurements are interior. See Exterior measurements  here

How Safe Are Container Homes

Businesses have used shipping containers for years, so container homes should be safe to live in. But, to ensure they can support families’ everyday living, these factors should be considered:

Shipping Containers

The Benefits of Living in a Container Home

Considering that businesses have successfully used shipping containers for many years, container homes would be deemed safe to live in. However, to truly test their ability to support everyday living by families, the following need to be considered;


Container homes are made of steel, which is regarded as virtually unbreakable and one of the strongest metals in the world. Bearing in mind that these containers are designed for rugged travel in rugged environments, they are purposefully built for durability, with most built for durability lasting 25 years or more.


During transportation via air, sea, rail or road, containers are made to withstand extreme cold, heat, rain, and even hurricanes.  While the outside can be susceptible to bruising or dents, the interior remains virtually unscathed, which is why containers are the preferred option for underground shelter in some natural disaster areas.

Climate Friendly

Because Container homes are made of Steel, which is a naturally occurring metal, they require minimal maintenance and can be reused for many purposes, making it the ideal recycle material for different uses without adversely affecting the environment.


Breaking into a shipping container is a difficult task, even with heavy machinery, but fittings like windows and doors, will present some vulnerability. Choosing the right type of doors  for your container home, will provide a balance between aesthetics and security.

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