$500 off your Home Protection Warranty

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Why You Need a Home Protection Warranty

A Home Protection Warranty offers coverage for repairs or replacements of Home Systems, including HVACs, Electrical, and Appliances, spanning a period of 12 months. This valuable service provides benefits like safeguarding against unforeseen repair expenses, offering peace of mind to homeowners. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that a Home Protection Warranty is not obligatory for homeownership. It is essential to distinguish between a home warranty, which is optional yet advantageous, and mandatory obligations like homeowner’s insurance or mortgage requirements.

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Benefits of a Home Protection Warranty

Protection against Unforseen Expenses 

Investment, and unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions of major systems or appliances can quickly add up to substantial repair or replacement costs. A home warranty can help protect home buyers from these unforeseen expenses by covering the repair or

Peace of Mind

A home warranty provides peace of mind to home buyers, especially when purchasing an older home or one with older systems and appliances. It offers reassurance that if something goes wrong with a covered item, they can rely on the warranty to help resolve the issue without incurring additional financial burden.

Budget Management

Home ownership comes with various expenses, and a home warranty can help home buyers better manage their budgets. Instead of unexpectedly paying for costly repairs or replacements, they can budget for a predictable service call fee when a covered item breaks down.

Convenient Resolution Process

Dealing with repairs can be a hassle, especially for new homeowners. A home warranty simplifies the process by providing a streamlined approach. When a covered item malfunctions, the homeowner can contact the warranty provider, who will arrange for a qualified technician to address the issue. This convenience saves homeowners the time and effort of finding and vetting contractors themselves.

Coverage during the Initial period

Coverage during the initial period: Home buyers often face increased expenses during the first year of homeownership due to the transition and potential issues with unfamiliar systems. A home warranty can offer coverage during this crucial initial period, providing financial protection while homeowners adjust to their new property.

If you are considering purchasing a home, a home warranty could be beneficial in the short term after you’ve purchased your home and this waiver can provide a cost-saving opportunity. You should also know that a Home Warranty is NOT compulsory, but rather a recommendation for the reasons stated above. To continue with your offer, complete the form below.

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